Keeping your dog cool and hydrated is essential, especially during the summer when the temperature can soar.

High temperatures can lead to issues such as dehydration and heat stroke,
so it’s important we provide our pets with the means to cool down and stay hydrated.

Top Cooling Tips

With some careful planning you can enjoy the sun safely with your pet.
Here’s our top tips.

  • Try to stay in shaded areas away from direct sunlight.
  • Provide plenty of clean drinking water. When you’re out with your dog, ensure you have a bottle of water and a bowl.
  • Damp towels are great for cooling, your dog will enjoy laying on them.
  • Garden sprinklers or shaded paddling pools are great for them to splash around in. Hydro toys are perfect to encourage your dog into a paddling pool.
  • Ice cubes for dogs to lick are a good way to help them cool down.
  • Check the pavement isn’t too hot for your dog’s paws, try staying on grass.
  • Plan your walks, avoid the hottest time of the day (midday).
  • Avoid long car journeys.
  • Never leave dogs in cars – Leaving a dog alone in a hot car can be fatal.